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Energizer A76 (PX76A, LR44, AG13) Alkaline Watch Battery, Carded, Dated 2015 Maxell Batteries LR44 (A76, AG13) Alkaline Button Size Battery, On Tear Strip Renata LR44 (A76, V13GA) 1.5V Alkaline Button Battery, 2 Pack
energizer button cell maxell button cell renata button cell
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About LR44 Button Cell Batteries

A commonly used battery today is the LR44 battery inside a button cell. As electronics have become smaller and smaller batteries have also been miniaturized. Some examples of uses for these batteries include pocket calculators, and really small radios. The LR44 Button cell battery has a lot of capacity a long shelf-life and works for ‘heavy-loads’ which is devices that need relatively lots of voltage.

The LR44 Button cell is an alkaline cell. However silver-oxide can also be used as a substitute. The equivalent silver-oxide batteries are more expensive however they have a longer-life and maintain their voltage with use. However alkaline batteries can be used for most everyday battery needs.

This battery comes in a button cell variety. This design was produced in the nineteen eighties to adjust to the needs of devices that were getting smaller and smaller. The cells of the battery are stacked onto a tube. Button cells were only charged for 10-16 hours, since they had no safety vent. Safety vents are needed to release built up pressure in the battery before it ruptures as active materials expand from the temperature rise. They will release pressure that is built up inside the battery.